This Southern cabbage recipe features boiled cabbage in a smoky, meaty broth with seasonings and spices. A savory and succulent Southern side dish that is a staple on our Sunday dinner table!


- Water - Smoked turkey (leg, wings, tails, or ham hock) - Chicken bouillon - Salt and pepper - Granulated garlic - Lemon pepper - Chili powder - Smoked paprika - Crushed red pepper flakes - Apple cider vinegar - Worcestershire sauce - Cabbage


Cook turkey in a pot of water, about 3-4 quarts, or enough to cover the entire leg. Add seasonings, Worcestershire sauce and a little apple cider vinegar.

Create the Broth


After one hour, remove the meat from the pot and separate it from the bone.

Pull meat from the bones


Cut cabbage wedges then do a rough chop; rinse to remove any grit. Properly washing and cutting the cabbage is important and can affect the final taste and texture.

Cut Cabbage


Add cabbage to the pot of broth and simmer for about 45 minutes, (cook times vary) or until it's fork-tender. The last step is to add the pulled meat back to the pot before serving.


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