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12 Best Super Bowl Snack Recipes

Hey ya’ll! It’s that time of the year again – Super Bowl Sunday! Whether you’re a passionate football enthusiast or just in it for the halftime show, one thing we can all agree on is that the snacks steal the spotlight. And when it comes to game day munchies, we know how to bring the flavor and the fun.

We’ve rounded up the 12 best Super Bowl snacks that will have you cheering for more. We’re talking finger-licking Hot Honey Old Bay Chicken Wings, the smoky goodness of a Smoked Queso Dip, and the perfect crunch of Fried Pickles. But hold on, we’re just getting started!

From classic favorites like sliders and nachos to the unexpected delights of Oxtail Chili Cheese Fries and Crab Cakes Egg Rolls, this lineup is set to satisfy every craving. These recipes are not just about the food; they’re about creating moments, sharing laughs, and making memories with your favorite people.

So, whether you’re planning a legit game day party or a cozy kickback, these recipes are designed to make you the MVP of the party. Game on, y’all!

hot honey old bay chicken wings on a wood serving tray with carrot sticks and celery sticks

Hot Honey Old Bay Chicken Wings

Hot Honey Chicken Wings with Old Bay seasoning are a perfect blend of spicy hot honey and the iconic Chesapeake Bay flavors. These deep-fried, unbreaded chicken wings are quick and easy, and perfect for your next game day gathering.

Smoked Queso Dip

This smoked queso is ideal for barbecue leftovers and the perfect party dish.

Southern Fried Pickles

Our easy Southern fried pickle recipe features dill pickle spears and a crunchy panko coating. It’s paired with a quick and tangy Creole remoulade sauce. Simple, tasty, and sure to be a hit at any gathering!

Smoked Chicken Wings with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

Score big at your game day party with our Traeger Smoked Chicken Wings featuring a mouthwatering Raspberry Chipotle Sauce! Elevate your Super Bowl spread with the perfect blend of sweet raspberries, bold chipotle, and smoky goodness.

Oxtail Chili Cheese Fries (Bachi Burger Copycat)

Homemade oxtail chili featuring black beans, pinto beans, and dark chocolate simmered in an oxtail

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Try our easy breaded and fried lemon pepper chicken wings recipe features homemade lemon pepper seasoning. Whether you prefer them as crispy dry rub wings or tossed in a simple butter sauce, our step-by-step instructions ensure a flavorful and fuss-free experience in your kitchen.

Blackstone Smash Burgers

These juicy Blackstone smash burgers are cooked on a hot flat-top griddle and have perfectly crispy, caramelized edges. 

Seafood Nachos

Seafood nachos made with blackened shrimp, catfish, and crab, and topped with spicy cheese sauce

Garlic Parmesan Boneless Wings

For all the boneless wing lovers our there, our Garlic Parmesan Boneless Wings are a must try! Made with real ingredients like freshly minced garlic and premium grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, this recipe is quick and easy and perfect for get togethers!

Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken thighs are crispy and golden-brown on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and slathered in hot honey sauce. Serve it on a buttery toasted bun with all your favorite toppings for the best hot honey chicken sandwich.

Crab Cake Egg Rolls

These crab cake egg rolls are made with crab, crawfish, and shrimp, and feature Old Bay seasoning, bell peppers, and onion. They are the perfect appetizer for game days and get-togethers with friends!

Mississippi Chicken Sliders

Tender, slow-cooked chicken infused with zesty ranch dressing mix, au jus gravy mix, and tangy

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